Microsoft Kinect Hack Allows Web Browsing With Gestures Only [VIDEO]

Microsoft Kinect hacking seems to have become more of a hobby now for most developers. We saw Kinect working with an iPad as well as using a laptop with this motion sensor to create a wicked puppet show before. Now, a bunch of kids at the MIT Media Lab who belong to Fluid Interfaces Group have managed to hack the Xbox 360 Kinect motion sensor and develop a DepthJS system which makes Javascript work withKinect in order to navigate web pages, among other things.



It should be kept in mind that browsing the web using arm-waving gestures may sound like Tom Cruise in Minority Report kinda stuff but its literally not the best way to navigate a website. This demonstration only proves that it can be done. Once this work evolves with time, we may be able to device a more practical multitouch remote control for our computers.

Check out the following demonstration video and tell us what you think in the comments section below:

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[via Engadget]

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