Windows 11 update KB5029351 brings “UNSUPPORTED PROCESSOR” error

The update KB5029351 for Windows 11 has been causing the “UNSUPPORTED_PROCESSOR” error on some devices. This error message appears on a blue screen of death (BSOD) and indicates that the processor in the device is not supported by the update.

Microsoft fixes the slowdown bug on NVMe SSDs for Windows 11

Microsoft is aware of the Windows 11″UNSUPPORTED PROCESSOR” error and is investigating 

Although the new update KB502935 for Windows 11 includes quality enhancements as well as bug fixes for a few well-known problems, it also brings an ‘UNSUPPORTED PROCESSOR’ error message.

Microsoft has acknowledged the issue and has stopped pushing the update to devices that are affected. The company is working on a fix and will release it as soon as possible. The company also notes that the issue extends to Windows 10 after installing the update KB5029331.

Windows 11 BSOD

The KB5029351 update contains the customary monthly patches, however, using it with particular MSI motherboards seems to be giving even more problems. A number of Reddit users have reported the same BSOD after installing the update, all running Intel systems on MSI motherboards with the latest BIOS updates applied.

MSI support note states:

If you have already encountered this issue, KB5029351 might automatically be uninstalled to allow Windows to restore to normal. However, if KB5029351 is not automatically uninstalled, we recommend reverting your BIOS to the previous version and uninstalling KB5029351 from Windows.

Microsoft has advised that users who experience the BSOD try to replicate it on their device and send data via the Feedback Hub along with a recording of their screen so that the firm can more easily identify a root cause. On a Windows computer, press the Windows key and F to access the Feedback Hub and report any problems.

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