Alleged Windows 12 testers recieve free USB drives from Microsoft

Microsoft is offering free USB drives to select alleged Windows 12 testers so that they can easily get a clean new installation of Windows 11 on their PCs. Reportedly, Microsoft’s next operating system, Windows 12, is in its early stages and should soon be available for testers in a new channel called “Canary”.

Recently the company made major changes to the Windows Insiders program and introduced a new Canary channel. As part of these changes, Microsoft moved all Insiders in the Dev channel to the new Canary channel, which works the same way as the Dev channel used to, but is more focused on long-term development.

However, Microsoft didn’t provide an easy route for Insiders in the Canary channel which they could use if they wanted to go back to the Dev Channel. Unhappy Insiders shared their sentiments on social media regarding this issue.

Microsoft sends emails to select alleged Windows 12 testers with an offer to have USB drives for free

After Microsoft announced the Insider Program changes and automatically moved Insiders on Build 25000 or higher in the Dev Channel to the new Canary channel, Insiders were confused and some were forced to reinstall Windows 11. Some users even complained that they wanted to leave the channel.

Noted by Betanews, now Windows Insiders will receive an email from Microsoft with an offer to have a free USB drive with 8GB of storage shipped to them so they can easily install a clean version of Windows 11 on their PC and stay on Stable build or get started with Dev and Canary builds.

Microsoft-email to select alleged Windows 12

Users with an offer email will have to fill out a Microsoft Insider Program form with their local address to receive the USB drive. Microsoft-email to sellect alleged Windows 12

When done, the user will receive a confirmation mail from Microsoft.

Microsoft-email to sellect alleged Windows 12

For users who are interested in getting a free USB drive, it may be worth it to keep an eye on their inbox in case they’re offered one as well.

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