Microsoft adds new Canary Channel to the Windows Insider Program, possibly for Windows 12 testing

Microsoft seeded a new Canary Channel to Windows to support preview builds of platform changes.

Previously, Insiders in the Dev Channel were already receiving these builds and to make sure that they continue to receive new updates, the company is moving these Insiders to the Canary Channel.

Microsoft Windows 11 Canary Channel


The Canary Channel for the Windows Insider Program will gain releases much faster

Microsoft has announced its new Canary Channel and some big changes to the program. And similar to the Dev Channel, the company will try out some changes in the Carnary Channel which might never ship, and others could roll out in future Windows releases “when they’re ready”.

The new Canary Channel is going to be the place to preview platform changes that require longer-lead time before getting released to customers. Some examples of this include major changes to the Windows kernel, new APIs, etc.

Canary Channel

Microsoft describes these preview builds as “hot off the presses,” which means builds will spend much less time in internal testing before release.

The builds that will be flighted to the Canary Channel will be ‘hot off the presses’, flighting very soon after they are built, which means very little validation and documentation will be done before they are offered to Insiders.

Meanwhile, the Dev Channel is being “rebooted”, but there are not any big changes yet. This is meant for Windows enthusiasts who are eager to try out new features that are not tied to a specific OS release.

Additionally, Dev Channel Insiders are automatically being moved to the new Canary Channel, as the Dev Channel is being “downgraded” to a new 23000 range of builds. The Canary Channel will continue to flight builds from the 25000 range.

The builds released to the Canary Channel will have higher build numbers than the Dev, Beta, and Release Preview Channels — starting with 25000 series builds.

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