Niantic’s new ‘Peridot’ cute AR pet game releases on May 9

Pokemon Go creator Niantic has announced Peridot, its new augmented reality (AR) game for smartphones. It is set to launch globally on May 9.


Explore the world and fulfill the desire of Peridot in this new AR pet game

Similar to Tamagotchi, the handheld digital pet released in 1996, Peridot is a real-world augmented reality mobile pet game from Niantic. It allows players to take care of, raise, and breed charming virtual one-of-a-kind creatures referred to as Dots.

In this game, Dots have been sleeping for thousands of years and now they are waking up to a new world that is completely different from the one in which they once roamed and they will need help to be saved from extinction.

Discover the fantastical world of Peridot, a real-world adventure pet game where you raise, care for, and breed one-of-a-kind adorable creatures. After thousands of years of slumber, Peridots are waking to a vastly different world than the one they lived in, and need our help to protect them from extinction. Develop an emotional connection with these creatures while exploring the world together as you raise them to adulthood and work with other players to re-diversify their species.

In addition to feeding and playing with your Dots, users can take them out on adventures in the real world, where they can collect items, discover new places, and take photos. Once Dots reach adulthood they can hatch new generations of Dots.

Every Peridot is 100% unique and can feature anything from goat horns to a giant bushy tail. Some Dots even resemble creatures such as cheetahs, dragons, and unicorns.

Peridot is now available for pre-registration from the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. Pre-registered players or players who play the game during the first two weeks after its launch will get a “launch-exclusive party hat cosmetic” for their Dots.

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