Microsoft makes Windows 365 Cloud PCs more felexible, LG TV integration, and more

Microsoft has unveiled Windows 365 Frontline, allowing organizations to split licenses for cloud PCs with multiple people.

A Cloud PC is a highly available, optimized, and scalable virtual machine providing end users with a rich Windows desktop experience, which is hosted in the Windows 365 service and is accessible from anywhere, on any device.

Windows 365 cloud PCs

Microsoft says 2023 LG TVs support Windows 365 cloud PCs

To make Cloud PCs more flexible, Microsoft has announced a new Windows 365 Frontline option, integration into LG’s 2023 TVs, and even a new Windows 365 experience for Android devices.

Windows 365 Frontline allows organizations to split a single license for Cloud PCs between three people. This is ideal for shift and part-time workers, such as call centers, medical care, and support workers.

Windows 365 Cloud PCs are now accessible through LG’s 2023 smart televisions. The Windows 365 app is also available through the Microsoft Store.

So far only LG’s 2023 TVs support cloud PCs, but more televisions are expected to support cloud PCs soon.

Support for LG TVs allows users to access a cloud PC simply by connecting a Bluetooth keyboard and a mouse to the television. Microsoft is also bringing a new Windows 365 experience for Android devices.

This new built-in experience will allow people to use the ThinkPhone to plug-and-play Windows 365 connectivity that finds and automatically configures their Cloud PC for use on an external screen

Reportedly, Microsoft is also working on Windows 365 Boot, allowing users to sign in to Cloud PCs directly instead of booting up to the OS running natively on the machine. Windows 365 Switch is also in the works, which integrates “Cloud PCs into the Task View (virtual desktops) feature of Windows 11.”

Windows 365 Boot and Windows 365 Switch are in private testing at Microsoft and won’t be coming this year.

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