Windows 7 Build 7105 RC milestone reached

Windows 7 has reached build number 7105 which is the RC Escrow. This means that it could be the build that would be released as a public release candidate for Windows 7, but don’t take my word on it, as per the MSDN RC page leak, it will be made public in May. Meanwhile, there is a possibility that this build will be leaked soon to the interwebs. The build string is 6.1.7105.0.090404-1235_x86fre_client_en-us_Retail_Ultimate-GB1CULFRER_EN_DVD according to a Russian website. And a change log has been posted as well:

1. Improved networking support, the work in the local network
2. Added support for some previously incompatible programs
3. Extras in the LP and small cosmetic interface improvements
4. Added support for new drivers for various devices
5. Extended support sensory displays
6. A small optimization and changes in the kernel

It seems like bug fixing and polishing is all that is being done now for 7. I do expect a complete change of icons to match the ones that have been changed so far in the OS. The RC build should reflect those changes. But any ideas what LP is?


There are news that Windows 7 Build 7077 has leaked.

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  1. Thanks for the news buddy but how true is it … could be a fake one and may be LP could be something connected with login or something .,.

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