Windows 7 Wallpapers from Build 6956

Windows 7 build 6956 has a collection of extremely beautiful wallpapers. Nature lovers would especially love them. Windows 7 has continued from Vista, where these great wallpapers on nature really started. Some of these wallpapers are from the US, as Windows 7 has regional specific themes. As with Vista, some of these wallpaper might not make it to Windows 7 RTM.

A few really nice wallpapers included in Windows Vista Betas never made it to RTM. It was a strange choice as a user can never have enough good wallpapers. I’ve been using Windows 7 build 6956 for some time now, I miss these wallpapers whenever I go back to Vista. Here are the wallpapers for all of you who are interested. And I wouldn’t consider the Light Auras as natural wallpapers, but they still look good none the less.

Windows 7 Wallpapers

The sample pictures in Windows 7 aren’t bad either, in fact, they would have been great wallpaper material if it wouldn’t have been for their low resolution. Still, if you’re up for stretching 1024 x 768 images for your wallpapers, I’ve uploaded them as well.

Windows 7 is the newest version in a long line of desktop operating systems by Microsoft. This is the next release of Windows Vista, which was a failure by many standards and not what people really expected out of it. To take some positive out of Vista, it has been a great wake-up call for the Redmond giant and shows how even the largest software company in the world can falter. But now, under Steven Sinofsky’s leadership, Microsoft seem to be trying to promise less and deliver more to avoid repeating the same mistakes they did with Vista.

Windows 7 isn’t a major release but it’s exactly what Vista should have been. Quicker, lighter and simply better thought out. Gone are the annoying issues with UAC, bloated memory and storage performance and what not. If you can’t tell, we have really high hopes from Windows 7!

In case you really love customizing Windows, we have an amazing collection of themes for Windows 7 which you can download for free.

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