Push Notifications, Webcam App and More Discovered in Windows 8

With the leaked release of Windows 8 earlier this week, anyone getting their hands on it is pulling it apart and seeing what is going to make it so special. As iThinkDiff reported earlier, Windows 8 has a substantial new feature set. However, today, even more was discovered with this mystery build.

The latest build, 7850.0.winmain_win8m1.100922-1508, contains the following notable features:

  • WebCam Capture Application
  • Built-In Screenshot Tool
  • Windows Push Notification Platform
  • Create Bootable USB Drives

The Push Notification system has been around on iPhones for a while now, so this is not a new technology. It is nice to see Microsoft stepping up their game however. Screenshot tool is already built into Windows since Vista. Most of the other features have been available via 3rd party apps as well.microsoft windows 8 thumb 450x3161 As posted by Winrumors,

Users at the mydigitallife forums have been digging around the build and discovered that TWINUI.DLL.MUI contains references to a built-in screenshot snapping and sending feature. The new feature appears to allow users the ability to simply snap desktop screenshots and easily send them to coworkers and friends.

One of my personal favorite features is the bootable USB drive creator. I have created these using 3rd party tools and they have saved my bacon several times. Whether I needed to boot to Linux to clean off files after an infection, or I needed to reinstall an OS quickly, I had them at hand. And with computers now a days losing their Optical drives, USB drives are becoming the norm. Bravo Microsoft.
Several references were found to the push notification system. It is unclear how Microsoft will utilize this, whether it is for their tablets/smart phones, or if they will also bring it to the desktop OS. I would hope they would make it similar to the iOS system now – having a notification pop-up allowing you to dismiss or view the alert. I think bringing this to the desktop scene makes a lot of sense as well. Having an alert pop up on your screen notifying you of a windows update available, Facebook/Twitter or email would be great.

Windows 8 will be Microsoft’s huge bet as their next generation OS. Let’s just hope Microsoft delivers on their promises. Microsoft is expected to release a beta version of Windows 8 at their developer conference in September this year.

Source:  Winrumors

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