Xbox 360 Cloud Storage Is Available Now!

Xbox 360 users are getting the Cloud storage feature this week which will allow them to download and even resume games on other Xbox 360 consoles. Games will automatically be saved to the Xbox LIVE Cloud storage eliminating the need of carrying them on portable memory unit or an Xbox hard drive. A gamertag recovery feature is also being phased out by Microsoft in favour of the new cloud storage support. Users simply need to sign-in to their Xbox LIVE account and can access all their game data.

Xbox 360 Cloud Storage Is Available Now!

According to Eurogamer, the new Cloud storage feature is already available to some users who got the recent Xbox 360 dashboard update and its working for all Xbox LIVE arcade games. The feature is expected to be released by the end of 2011 when the new Windows Phone 7 inspired Xbox 360 dashboard UI goes public.

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