YouTube steps in to restrict 5G and COVID-19 conspiracy theories

As the matter of ablazed 5G towers draws attention of authorities, YouTube has said that it will downgrade and eventually remove videos linking COVID-19 to 5G networks. People are enticed by conspirators claiming that 5G towers are making people sick with COVID-19 symptoms as a sinister government scheme to control the population.


The UK has found itself fighting another violent front of COVID-19, dealing with torching of 5G networks masts after conspiracy theories linked the cause and transmission of the virus to the mobile technology. Unfortunately, these theories are disseminated on various social media platforms like Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest and others.

In communication with The Guardian, YouTube claimed that such theories are ‘borderline content’ which violates the platform’s policy of spreading health related misinformation, therefore, such content will not be suggested to viewers in recommendations and will be removed. However, the platform says that conspiracy videos on 5G alone will still be allowed.

YouTube’s decision to not to remove all videos against 5G network is unsatisfactory for the UK government. Oliver Dowden, cultural secretary, is reportedly holding a meeting with YouTube, Twitter and other social platforms to play a decisive role in ending the campaign against 5G mobile network.

After an easy search, we found many videos on YouTube and Facebook, enticing people to boycott 5G because it spreads coronavirus by reducing oxygen in the air. Recently, UK’s famous boxer Amir Khan, shockingly, took to Instagram Live spreading these false theories verbatim.

Health and cellular experts have debunked these theories and have called out arsonists for destroying the very network infrastructure which is providing help to the healthcare providers and authorities during COVID-19 pandemic.

“The telecoms industry is working around the clock to keep vital health, education and emergency services online, businesses running, and friends and families connected. It is deplorable that critical communications infrastructure is being attacked based on outright mistruths. We urge everyone to trust health authorities and rest assured communications technology is safe. There is no link between 5G and Covid-19″, Guardian quotes Mats Granryd, the director general of the GSMA.

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