6 YouTube channels you should subscribe to in July 2020

YouTube is a popular video-sharing platform where many people go for entertainment. Especially in a time where everything seems bleak in COVID-19 pandemic, content creators are in higher demand than ever. YouTube has given many individuals a platform to express themselves and showcase their talents. We have compiled a list of the 6 YouTubers you should be watching in 2020.

YouTube channels to watch during quarantine

Here is a list of channels with entertaining content and colorful personalities guaranteed to make your days in quarantine a little less dull.



A channel run by Junichi Yoshizuki and his partner, JunsKitchen combines an enthusiasm for cooking with the simple comforts of life. Especially their charming felines. On this channel, the couple shares their favorite recipes, a look at Japanese culture, and advice on cat training. JunsKitchen has amassed over 4.7M subscribers to date. From Japanese cooking recipes to making sushi for your cats, you can find a lot of content on this channel that will put a smile on your face.

Living Big in A Tiny House

Living Big in A Tiny House is a channel run by Bryce Langston. The channel advocates for the tiny-house movement, a social and architectural movent that supports living simply in small homes. It features a lot of different ‘tiny’ houses, and their builders, and shows viewers the architectural design of the houses and how people live in them. From storage ideas for tiny homes to house yours, this is a dream channel for minimalists.

Psych IRL

Psych IRL combines psychology and pop culture. Donna, who runs Psych IRL, covers issues like “How David Dobrik Manipulates His Friends” and “Why Are We So Divided?”. Donna talks about relevant topics in the age of social media like, cancel culture, media distrust, etc. The channel has over 200k subscribers as of today. If you are interested in the psychology behind influences these days and their actions, this channel is definitely for you.

Kelly Stamps

Kelly Stamps‘ eponymously named channel has recently blown up on YouTube. Unlike many creators that have a persona on camera, wanting to seem bubbly and carefree, Kelly Stamps in the opposite. She is straightforward and unapologetic, often very serious while being a true entertainer and extremely relatable. She does lifestyle videos and vlogs, showing viewers a glimpse into her life. Stamps talks about a plethora of topics on her channel, from minimalism to self-care, you can be sure that she’ll entertain you; even while talking about mundane things.

Kurtis Conner

Kurtis Conner has one of the most popular channels in the commentary community on YouTube right now. He talks about what’s happening on social media and adds his own opinions, wittiness, and critique to his videos. He has accumulated almost 3M subscribes with his millennial humor and analytical videos. Some of his most popular videos, “The ‘Soft Boy’ Epidemic” and “The E-Boy Invasion” dissect the current problems on social media platforms in the most humorous way possible.


Annabelle,¬†aka CatCreature, is a student at the Rhode Island School of Design. She vlogs her artistic impulses and the process that follows. This creative outlet even landed her a nomination for vlogger of the year for the Shorty Awards. With her eccentric style and comforting voice, you will instantly feel calm when watching her. From sketchbook tours to room transformations, there’s a bit of everything on her channel.


We hope you enjoy watching these creators as much as we do!

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