YouTube releases Bedtime reminders as part of digital well-being initiative

Focusing on the well-being of its viewers, YouTube has released a new bed-time reminders feature for its app. To limit late night screen time on the platform, users can now set suitable viewing durations with start and end times in the app. After the limit is reached, bedtime reminders will notify users to switch off and rest their eyes.

Google launched its digital wellbeing initiative focusing on user health by promoting them to take time off from their screen. In 2018, YouTube introduced ‘take a break’ reminders and now has released ‘bedtime reminders’. Both alert features are part of YouTube’s wellness and screen time tools.  We have listed down the steps for you to set bedtime reminders to take care of your physical and mental health.


How to enable Bedtime reminders

Make sure that your app is updated to the latest version. Then follow these easy steps to enable the feature to manage your screen time on YouTube.

  1. Open the app and tap on your profile picture to access Settings
  2. Tap on ‘enable bedtime reminder’ toggle

Users can further customize Bedtime reminders to log off the app and get proper sleep.

  • Set a specific watch duration by logging in a start and end time.
  • Enable whether to display the reminder during a video or wait till it has ended.
  • Users can also dismiss or snooze reminders.

Other Digital Wellbeing Features in Youtube

Numerous studies conclude that too much screen time leads to several mental and physical health issues like insufficient sleep, degrading cardiovascular health, obesity and others. The health concern is more real than ever in current global health crisis in which screen time has risen tremendously because of disruption of all social and economic activities. Thus, YouTube has taken responsibility to remind its users to take a break via reminder tools.

The announcement blog post said:

With many of us at home, it can be especially hard to stick to your routine, and it’s more important than ever to set boundaries to help manage how much time you’re spending online… Today we’re expanding these tools and launching bedtime reminders,  so you can set times to be prompted to go to bed and better manage your sleep schedule.

Youtube’s well-being initiative offers a variety of options for users to look after their health. Those include the following:

  • Time watch profile
  • Take a break reminder
  • Scheduled notification digest
  • Disable notifications sounds and vibrations (sent from the app)

All these features can be enabled or disable from app’s settings menu. Read the well-being options in detail here.

Youtube has released the new bedtime alert feature for iOS and Android. The roll out is gradual therefore it might take a few days before it is available for everyone.

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