YouTube updates video player with new graphs to show most replayed parts, video chapters and more

YouTube has updated its video player with new graphs to show the most replayed parts of a video, Single Loop, and more on iOS, Android, and desktop versions of the app. Previously, the most replayed feature was only available to YouTube Premium subscribers.

The new changes are designed to make the viewing experience better by allowing users to search for their favorite or most interesting part(s) in of video file, especially for longer videos.


All the new features available on YouTube

It is common for a segment or part of a video to go viral or be used in other videos. Therefore, now both free and Premium users can easily and quickly find those “most replayed” parts of a video through new graphs embedded in the progress bar of the video player. TechCrunch writes:

YouTube viewers will be able to now see this subtle gray graph as they scrub through the video using the red playback progress bar. If the graph is high, then that part of the video has been replayed often, says YouTube. The video thumbnail that appears will also indicate when you’ve hit the segment that is the “Most replayed.”

Youtube new player

The company has added a new Single Loop feature that enables users to repeatedly replay a video and a new panel in full-screen mode to show the description of a video, its chapters, and comments. The panel also includes quick action buttons: like, dislike, comment, add a video to playlist and share.

Youtube new player

YouTube has also launched support for video chapters to smart TVs and gaming consoles. Video chapters allow creators to break down the duration of a video into segments or time stamps. This allows users easily skim and scan the different subjects mentioned in the video but also to jump to the parts of their interest.

The company also teased a new soon-to-launch feature that will allow users to find the exact moments in a video. However, at the time of release, the feature will be available to Premium subscribers.

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