Zedd’s song “Clarity” is available on GarageBand app in celebration of its 10-year anniversary

After Apple added “Clarity (feat. Foxes)” to Apple Music in spatial Audio on its 10-year anniversary, the creator of the track, Zedd released a walkthrough of the song for his fans to remix it via the GarageBand app.

GarageBand on iOS devices with which users can remix their favorite artist’s songs. Users can edit audio tracks for podcasts or combine multiple audio clips together to create one track, equalize any number of tracks, tons of vocal treatments to get different voice effects, add preloaded instruments, and more.

GarageBand App in Apple App Store

Use GarageBand to remix Zedd’s ‘Clarity’

Musician Zedd gave a walkthrough of his song “Clarity” through remix using Garage Band in a new Apple Music promo. Since it is the 10th Year Anniversary of “Clarity”, Zedd introduces the GarageBand app to everyone and explains how to use various tools to create audio tracks and remixes on GarageBand.

In the video uploaded on Apple Music YouTube channel, he shows users how to create their own remixes using original beats and vocals. He also explains how the vocals and beats can be used to work together, demonstrates every element of the beats and effects to help users make their own audio tracks in the easiest way possible, and how to use Sound Library, add loops, synthesize vocals, or change the playback order freely.

The project is available for download on GarageBand Sound Library. Just open the app and create a new project, select Sound Library, then select the Zedd project to remix the track. The song “Clarity” can also be streamed on Apple Music in Spatial Audio on compatible Airpods or Beats by Dre.

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