Free Windows 7 Themes


In Windows 7, we finally see the return of themes. Windows XP and Vista had a themes feature as well, but that didn’t really offer much customization for the end user as in previous Windows versions or Windows 7 now. I’ve complied 22 themes for Windows 7 users, to start with their testing of the beta releasing tomorrow. I’ve used some of the wallpapers I had, and would continue making new themes if the response is good from my readers. So head on to the Windows 7 Themes section and download away!

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  • Paul

    You might want to add that to download them they need to Right-Click and select “Save As”. Otherwise when clicked on it opens in the browser.

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  • Oliver

    How did yo make this themes? I want to share the ones I’ve made but I don´t Know how

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  • spenzer_fozy_87

    nice theme i`ve ever seen

  • nsma

    vry nice