Browser for Better – Download IE and Feed the Hungry

Microsoft has launched a new ‘Browser for Better’ campaign aimed at feeding the hungry in America. For every download of Internet Explorer 8 from the Browser for Better website, Microsoft will donate 9 meals to ‘Feeding America’ which is the America’s leading domestic hunger-relief charity. For those thinking that this move is just to promote(…)

Bing Image Archive by Long Zheng

  Long Zheng (Mr. about-to-graduate-from-university) of istartedsomething has created an archive of the photographs that are used as Bing’s backgrounds. They are some of the best looking photos you’ll see. Although, Bing has an option to navigate through the old photos, it’s not really a fast process. That’s where the Bing Image Archive steps in.(…)

6 reasons why the Zune HD is no competition for iPod Touch

I’ve been reading a lot of blogs and tweets lately on how Zune HD is Microsoft’s reply to iPod Touch. Even some people from Microsoft have been labeling it as an iPod Touch killer, which is totally ridiculous. Just because it has a browser and multi-touch, doesn’t mean it falls in the same category of(…)

A tour of Microsoft Research labs in Cambridge

Reuters recently did a tour of Microsoft Research Labs in Cambridge where they were shown Second Light, Sense Cam and other projects being worked on. They also have a huge, antique disk platter from main frames which had just 1 MB capacity. Surface PC and touch based computing seem to be a priority in the(…)

Video Demo of XBOX 360’s Game on Demand Service

Microsoft announced at GDC 2009 that it’ll be providing digital distribution for games ala Steam for Windows. While, that hasn’t appeared on the horizon yet, we’ve been shown a demo already of XBOX 360’s Games on Demand service which was unveiled at E3. Once you’ve made sure you have enough space on your HDD, a(…)

Apps for Windows: Tetris Games

One of the most popular games in the world, Tetris celebrates its 25th birthday today. According to Telegraph The game was created by Alexey Pajitnov, a computer engineer who was working for the Computing Centre of the Soviet Academy of Sciences. It has sold more than 70 million copies, been released for nearly every video-game(…)

Live Demos of Project Natal – Take that Sony!

If you followed the E3 conference, you must have noticed how Sony and PS 3 fanboys were claiming that Microsoft only showed scripted/acted demos and not live one for Project Natal  ( they acted as the Paint Party and Ricochet demos weren’t live ). Microsoft had promised demos behind closed doors, for people attending the(…)

Windows 7 box art confirmed by Microsoft Store

Long Zheng has found official confirmation for Windows 7 box art from the Microsoft Store. It looks the same as  the one leaked by While this art is confirmed for the full version upgrades, the upgrade version have yet to be confirmed. They aren’t as pleasant on the eyes as these ones, so we’ll(…)

Download Official ‘BingTones’ for your Phone!

What do Google and Yahoo don’t have? Ringtones! Microsoft has released BingTones for Bing. You can download them for free and have various voices go ‘Bing, Bing’ whenever your phone rings or you get a message. I am not a very ringtone-changing person, but I have found my new BingTones. :) Download them here. [via(…)

There was a ‘Bing’ for Windows 95 too. Guess who?

Yes, there was a Bing in Windows 95. Chandler Bing from the popular TV Show Friends. Acted by Matthew Perry, he is one of the most loved characters from the show. Matthew Perry, along with Jennifer Aniston, who was also in Friends as Rachel, starred in a promotional instructional video for Windows 95. It was(…)