Get the PC Game of the Year Fallout 3 for 50% off this weekend!

Steam is offering a weekend deal on Fallout 3 at 50% off, which makes it $19.99 instead of $39.99! Fallout 3 is an award winning and critically acclaimed game with an average rating of 91% for the PC version. It features open ended game play and flexible character-leveling system. Fallout 3 was chosen as the(…)

Twitter integration in Bing!

Microsoft has come up with a cool new feature for Bing. It has started showing tweets in the results for popular Twitter users. Tweets with profile image and link show up when you search for popular Twitter users such as Robert Scoble or @aplusk. This is one of the first integrations of Twitter by a(…)

Microsoft will offer a Family Pack for Windows 7 Home Premium

Ed Bott has discovered a new clause in the license agreement for the latest leaked build of Windows 7, which is very close to the one that will be included with the final RTM build. The agreement has a clause for a Family Pack under Installation and Use Rights: This means that if you buy(…)

New Facebook for iPhone 3.0 Application coming soon with lots of new features!

Facebook for iPhone 3.0 will be released soon as posted by a Facebook employee in a note. The application hasn’t been submitted to Apple yet as it’s 98% completed so far. The feature list is pretty impressive and will make the application even more useful. Push notifications wont make it to Facebook for iPhone 3.0,(…)

Apps for Windows: Get OS X like stacks in Windows 7 Taskbar using 7Stacks

A long time ago I covered a method to create stacks in Windows 7 that resemble their OS X counterpart. The method was a bit tricky one and was more of a hack out of a Windows XP and Vista application. 7stacks solves that issue and creates simple to use yet native looking stacks in(…)

Get the Visual Studio Learning Pack

Visual Studio Learning Pack 2.0 is aimed at students to help them learn about computer programming. It consists of the following: Sort Designer Control A supplementary teaching tool developed to help students learn the basic concepts, algorithms, and implementations of popular computer sorting algorithms. Search Designer Control A teaching tool developed to help students learn(…)

How to enable multi-touch in Firefox 3.5

Firefox 3.5 had experimental support for multi-touch gestures through out beta, but in the final version the support has been hidden by default. The gestures were compatible with Macbooks and Macbook Pros that have multi-touch enabled track-pads. These multi-touch gestures for tab switching can be enabled by the following instructions: Type in about:config in the(…)

Wireless charging for your iPhone ala Palm Pre

The Touchstone wireless charger is one of the coolest features of the Palm Pre, which lets you just put the phone on the dock and it charges itself – without the need of connecting any wires at all. It is probably the first cell phone in the market to have this feature. If you’ve found(…)