New Wallpaper from Windows 7 x64 build 7232

The latest of the countless Windows 7 leaks is build 7232 in the x64 flavor. It’s a VHD image marked 7232.0.winmain.090613-0700 and contains a spanking new wallpaper. It looks really sweet and seems as if it was designed by someone from DeviantArt. It is very similar to the logon screen background but has the Windows(…)

Nokia 5530 XpressMusic, E72 and 3710 officially unveiled

Nokia has officially announced 3 new handsets, all aimed at different audience. 5530 XpressMusic aimed at music and Internet enthusiasts, E72 for business users and 3710 for the ‘great value for money’ seeking crowd. Every phone is equipped with powerful cameras and multimedia capabilities but with totally different designs and focuses. Nokia 5530 XpressMusic 5530(…)

iPhone OS running on a multi-touch Widescreen monitor

Some guys from Dreamfield have done some experimentation with running the iPhone OS on a Mac Pro with a 24” multi-touch monitor. The OS seems to work smoothly albeit through emulation. Zooming using pinching is demonstrated in the video and even an accelerometer is used with the monitor as the OS changes screen orientation when(…)

Nokia E72 video leaked

A video had been accidentally posted by Nokia Conversations of the Nokia E72 which was picked up by IntoMobile. Although it has been set to private now, they uploaded the video to DailyMotion which is embedded below. E72 looks a lot similar to Nokia E71 and has a 5 megapixel camera. It also seems to(…)

Browsers can now cache Youtube videos

YouTube has finally allowed its videos to be cached in the browser’s Temporary Internet Files/Cache.  Although this has been possible all along for Flash movies, but YouTube had disabled caching probably due to copyright issues. Now that it’s enabled, you can buffer a video, and refresh the page and watch it again. You can even(…)

How to change the Windows 7 Logon UI button set

Rafael Rivera, the man behind numerous hidden tweaks and discoveries in Windows 7 has posted another one on how to change the button set in the Logon Screen in Windows 7. Why would you want to change the Logon Screen button? You can already change your logon background in Windows 7, but some wallpapers make(…)

Browser for Better – Download IE and Feed the Hungry

Microsoft has launched a new ‘Browser for Better’ campaign aimed at feeding the hungry in America. For every download of Internet Explorer 8 from the Browser for Better website, Microsoft will donate 9 meals to ‘Feeding America’ which is the America’s leading domestic hunger-relief charity. For those thinking that this move is just to promote(…)

Bing Image Archive by Long Zheng

  Long Zheng (Mr. about-to-graduate-from-university) of istartedsomething has created an archive of the photographs that are used as Bing’s backgrounds. They are some of the best looking photos you’ll see. Although, Bing has an option to navigate through the old photos, it’s not really a fast process. That’s where the Bing Image Archive steps in.(…)

6 reasons why the Zune HD is no competition for iPod Touch

I’ve been reading a lot of blogs and tweets lately on how Zune HD is Microsoft’s reply to iPod Touch. Even some people from Microsoft have been labeling it as an iPod Touch killer, which is totally ridiculous. Just because it has a browser and multi-touch, doesn’t mean it falls in the same category of(…)