Advantages of DirectX 11 – Good news for all!

Richard Huddy, Senior. Manager Developer Relations at AMD recently blogged about Why we should get excited about DirectX 11. It’s an excellent post on how DirectX 11 will improve graphics for us. He talks about tessellation, GPGPUs and the efficiency of DirectX 11 with multi-core CPUs. But the most interesting part of his blog post,(…)

Apps for Windows: New Yahoo Toolbar for Internet Explorer and Firefox

Yahoo has released a new Yahoo! Toolbar for Internet Explorer and Firefox with features aimed at making information easily and quickly available specially if it’s a part of any Yahoo service. Available for Internet Explorer 6+ and in beta for Firefox, the new toolbar takes a clue out of Internet Explorer 8 Web Slices and(…)

Microsoft Security Essentials will send your personal information back to Microsoft

Microsoft has recently released a free anti-virus solution that proves out to be better than almost all paid solutions available for consumers out there. We did a detailed review of the AV earlier and you can read it at the link given in the post. But during extended usage, we came across the following. Turns out(…)

Review of Microsoft Security Essentials, free Antivirus by Microsoft

Microsoft Security Essentials, codenamed ‘Morro’ is the free antivirus solution by Microsoft expected to  launch with Windows 7. Recently a few screenshots were leaked, and just after that the whole application is available of the Internet to download. Microsoft Security Essentials is available for Windows XP (32 bit only), Vista and 7 (32 and 64(…)

No Voice Control for iPhone 3G, iPod Touch and first gen iPhone

One of the main features of iPhone 3G S is called Voice Control, which allows you to place a call or play music just by using voice commands. It’s not part of the iPhone OS 3.0 as everyone presumed. The reason behind this can be attributed to the faster processor and larger amount of RAM(…)

Mozilla Service Week – Make a Difference

Mozilla is celebrating the first ever Mozilla Service Week from 14th to 21st of September, 2009. The theme of the service week is to make a difference by using the Web for the betterment of the community. Mozilla believes that everyone should have the opportunity to know how to use the Internet and use it(…)

Microsoft’s Smart Saver’s Guide to Success

If reading the title made you think that this guide is for dummies on how to lead a successful life, you’re wrong. Microsoft has released a new guide aimed at businesses to succeed in the current recession. Titled ‘15 great ways financial services enterprises can cut business operating costs, reduce risks and grow in the(…)

The Pirate Bay launches Ipredator – an encrypted private network

The Pirate Bay, the most popular torrent indexing website in the world, has managed to come up with an encrypted VP called IPREDator. Currently in beta testing by 3,000 users, and 18,000 more in the waiting list, it is scheduled to launch next month for everyone. It wont be a free service and will be(…)

Apple releases a much awaited fix for a Java security hole in OS X

Apple released an update for Java for OS X 10.5 Update 4 OS X 10.4 Release 9 to fix a vulnerability in   Java for OS X which could allow a remote user to take control over your system through malicious Java code. According to Apple Insider this vulnerability could leave users open to ‘drive by’(…)

Happy Birthday to Windows Live Messenger!

Windows Live Messenger, the most used IM service in the world will be turning 10 years old on 22nd of July. Started in 1999 as MSN Messenger, WLM has grown to an active user base of 330 million users per month! Messenger has had a big impact on the lives of so many people that(…)