Expression Studio 3 releasing today. Here’s what’s new

Expression Studio 3 will be released today with a huge list of new features. At the time of writing, shows 238 more minutes to go. If you’re really impatient you can try out the Expression Blend 3 + SketchFlow RC, or carry on reading to find out the new features you’ll find in Expression(…)

Microsoft Expression Blend 3 + SketchFlow RC available for download now

Expression Blend 3 + SketchFlow is a visual tool for designing and prototyping desktop and web applications. You build an application by drawing shapes, drawing controls such as buttons and list boxes, making the pieces of your application respond to mouse clicks and other user input, and styling everything to look uniquely your own. Expression(…)

How to download the latest Dev or Beta build of Chrome

Lets face it. Google Chrome is an excellent browser. A lot of work is still going on it though, to improve it and fix various issues, therefore the existence of Beta (monthly) and Dev (weekly) channels along with the Stable quarterly releases. One way to chose the channel or the type of build you want(…)

Google Chrome OS vs Windows vs OS X?

The Joy of Tech has a wonderful comic explaining how both Windows and OS X are reacting to the Google Chrome OS news, since Google is a big player entering the competition. Although I don’t think anyone should be scared until they see it in action – take Android as an example. It was hyped(…)

A dissection of the Google Chrome OS press release

Google Chrome OS has created a lot of hype since yesterday, even though it doesn’t seem to do anything new that current netbook operating systems can’t. If the leaked screenshots are real, and that’s an indication of what it’s going to be like, I see no differences in it than Moblin, Julicloud or any other(…)

Why the leaked Google Chrome OS screenshots seem fake

Some guy claims to have taken pictures of an early developer Beta of Google Chrome OS. He works with some company who supplies parts for Acer laptops and got a chance to take the pictures because he was the last person to leave the room and had his mini cam with him. He also says(…)

Windows 7 Family Pack Anytime Upgrade prices leaked

Ed Bott has found out the prices for Windows 7 Family Pack upgrade which was just recently discovered by Kristan Kenney in the EULA of a recent Windows 7 build. Ed found some product listings on Expercom where it has been priced at $136.95. University IT Computer Sales also had the same product up on(…)

Can’t wait for Google Chrome OS? Try these alternatives

Google Chrome Operating System announcement has shaken up the entire blogosphere, even though what it aims to achieve with its OS is already being done by many currently available netbook operating systems with varying degrees of success. My opinion is you can’t win the operating system war on web applications alone, you need both client(…)