iCloud Passwords in macOS 14 can create and save passwords on Chrome, Edge and other browsers

The upcoming macOS Sonoma or macOS 14 update has new features and improvements. One such improvement includes a new iCloud Passwords experience on third-party browsers like Chrome, Edge, and others.

iCloud Passwords is a browser extension that allows Mac users to auto-fill in passwords from iCloud Keychain when signing in to websites on non-Safari browsers like Chrome, Microsoft Edge, and others. 

iCloud Passwords

iCloud Passwords in Google Chrome can save and autofill new passwords

In the latest macOS 14 public beta 1 it is discovered that the browser extension can save new passwords created on third-party browsers and syncs them across Apple devices.

Previously, iCloud Passwords could only use passwords created on iPhones, iPads, or Macs and saved in iCloud Keychain, Apple’s password manager.

Chrome has already added support for the new iCloud Passwords extension and Edge wil release it soon. Users can download the updated extension from the Chrome web store, today.

iCloud Passwords

This feature will add more convenience when login into websites with the ability to create new passwords in third-party browsers, along with auto-fill capability. However, users might not need to do that in the coming years.

Apple, Google, and other tech companies are adding support for PassKey. It is a new, more secure, authentication standard by the FIDO Alliance and W3C that uses the smartphone to verify an account’s credentials. It replaces passwords with cryptographic key pairs for a more robust authentication process and enhances security and convenience.

Windows 11, Apple’s websites, Google mobile app, and Google Chrome have already added support for passkey. 1Password has also announced to launch support in this year.

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