3 matchmaking reality shows to watch on Netflix in August

Netflix has just reality shows for our romantic fix. We have shortlisted three entertaining matchmaking shows which not only showcase the efforts in bringing like-minded people together but also share different cultural values, break taboos of autism, and make the struggle universal for all generations.

Love is tricky and it is even trickier to find, especially in this big world with many complexities. Thus, matchmaking is often an entertaining process to watch as men and women struggle in finding suitable partners in the 21st century.

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Matchmaking reality shows on Netflix

Here is a brief introduction of the frustrating, humorous, exciting, romantic, hopeless and magical journey of finding a partner in the following Netflix reality shows:

Indian Matchmaking

Based on the career of Sima as a matchmaker for Indians in the United States and India, this reality series showcases her interactions with clients in finding suitable partners for and the paired individuals’ efforts in getting to know each other.

The show is rated 13+ and has one season with 8 episodes on individuals with varying personality types and preferences:

  1. Slim, trim and educated
  2. Just find me someone
  3. I’m trying my best
  4. I want to see you again
  5. Take the elephant out
  6. It’s high time
  7. Marriages are breaking
  8. Adjustment and compromise

Love on the Spectrum

It is a dating show like no other which highlights the fears and expectations of young Australian adults with autism in finding love. The dates are brutally honest and heartwarming at the same time. Personally, this inclusive reality show will be beneficial in educating the masses on people with autism and their romantic aspirations.

The show is rated 13+. Season one has 5 episodes of Love on the spectrum showcases the dating experience of 5 unique individuals as they search for the right person:

  • Episode one: Micheal’s first date ever
  • Episode two: Maddi’s valentine’s day
  • Episode three: Mark at dating boot camp with other’s on the autism spectrum
  • Episode four: Andrew tries speed dating
  • Episode five: Jimmy and Shernae

Dating Around

It an 18+ inclusive reality show on adults’ blind date experience of finding a person worthy of another date. There are 2 seasons of this dating show with 6 episodes each. The latest season involves dating expectations of the following six individuals:

  • Justine
  • Ben
  • Deva
  • Heather
  • Brandon
  • Demi

Netflix offers a vast array of titles for every mood and preference. The monthly subscription fee $12.99 for the standard plan and $15.99 for the premium plan.

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