3G MacBook Pro Prototype Auction Pulled from eBay, MagSafe Antenna Identified!

We showed you a prototype MacBook Pro on Monday, which had an antennae for 3G connections attached to it. It turns out that Apple has pulled the auction from eBay. For what reason? We are not sure, but the bids on the laptop did reach $70,000 before Apple pulled the plug.


The seller has posted more images of the laptop, showing the antenna was held in place with two magnets. This would allow the antenna to come off if bumped or snagged on something. This is similar to how Appleā€™s Mag Safe chargers work, allowing the plug to come out without any harm to the charger or the laptop.

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Now that the auction has been taken down, it is unsure what the seller will do with the laptop now. I wonder if Apple will contact him to see how he possibly got this laptop in the first place. Apple has in the past gotten in touch with people who have gotten their hands on prototype devices to inquire how they got it.

We can only guess the seller will now hold onto this gem knowing how much it is and may be worth in the future. We may see it pop back up on eBay or Craigslist in the near future.

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