Up to 68% of iPhone users are expected to deny in-app tracking under the upcoming ATT privacy feature – Report

The AdWeek reports that up to two-thirds of iPhone users are likely to deny digital advertisers’ permission for in-app tracking under the new ATT privacy update. Apple will soon introduce the new App Tracking Transparency (ATT) feature as a new privacy measure to prevent invasive tracking.

Apple is scheduled to replace its IDFA tracking system with the ATT feature which will give users the control to either allow or not allow developers to track their online activities across third-party apps and websites. And this prospect has upset the entire mobile digital advertising industry which tracks users’ online activities to run targeted ads and earn hefty revenues. But, AdWeek’s survey suggests that up to 68% of iPhone users will opt-out of tracking.

Apple ATT privacy- App Tracking Transparency

With Apple set to release the new ATT privacy update, digital advertisers should expect a low opt-in rate

The survey report reveals that the opt-in rate is expected to drop by 50%.

Chief analytics officer at marketing company Epsilon, Loch Rose, said “nobody really knows for sure” what will happen once Apple’s tracking prompts become widespread, but the cost per mille of in-app ads, which is the cost an advertiser pays for one thousand views or impressions, is expected to drop by as much as 50 percent.

The initial outlook for the number of users giving consent to track looks bleak, with a median opt-in rate of just 32 percent, according to an analysis of 300 apps across 2,000 devices from AppsFlyer, a mobile marketing and attribution company.

The analysis found that apps with higher consumer affinity saw higher opt-in rates, hovering around 40 percent, but some companies such as dating app Bumble are expecting as few as 20 percent of users to opt-in at most, with its lowest opt-in forecast being for less than one percent of users.

Apple App Tracking Transparency

Apple was supposed to launch the ATT privacy feature with other privacy updates with the public release of iOS 14 but postponed its release to give developers time to adapt to the new tracking changes. Even after several months of delay, digital advertisers are still not ready for the changes. Facebook started an unsuccessful ad campaign against the ATT update and now it is reported that some Chinese developers are working on a workaround for the new privacy feature.

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