Adobe launches ‘Design Mobile Bundle’ for iPad at 50% cost discount

To continue creative projects, away from desks or living rooms, Adobe has introduced new creative features and a services bundle for iPhone and iPad. The company states that the new changes in Adobe Fresco, Capture and the Design Mobile Bundle are inspired by the feedback give by users to make improve their experience on its mobile apps. “I love to sit in the garden and start my creative process on the iPad,” one user told us recently about using Illustrator on the iPad. “It feels natural.”


Everything new in Adobe apps for iPhone and iPad 

  • Adobe Fresco is updated with new drawing and painting capability which replicates watercolors, charcoals, and oils to look and behave like the natural media.

With the animation feature, you’ll be able to add motion to Fresco drawings and paintings. You can apply a separate timeline to individual layers and even paint a path and have parts of your drawing follow that path, as the fireflies do in Kyle T. Webster’s animation below.

  • Ability to load users’ favorite brushes from Photoshop desktop to Photoshop iPad app. “All the great brushes you’ve discovered or created on Photoshop on the desktop will be close at hand on the iPad as well.”
  • Adobe Capture offers users a new creative feature to capture shapes of objects from their surroundings like status and flowers and then use those shapes in drawing or paintings in Fresco.
  • New Design Mobile Bundle includes Photoshop, illustrator, Fresco, and other apps with access to Adobe Fonts, Behance, Portfolio nad 100 GB storage for $14.00 per month or $149.00 per year.


In his announcement post, Scott Belsky, the Creative Cloud chief product officer and executive VP of Adobe:

Ultimately, inspiration is what drives creativity and mobile tools allow creativity to start at the moment of inspiration. As soon as an idea strikes, you can start bringing it to life, in a way that’s as natural as a pencil and sketchbook but with the versatility and power of digital creation and a continuous connection to creative assets and collaborators. That’s a revolution that’s gaining momentum daily and we are excited to be a part of it.

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