Angry Bird Free for Android users

Android users rejoice, Angry Birds is now available for your Android devices and it’s FREE! The game developer, Rovia, made it official today. Although the game is available only at GetJar at the moment, it will soon be available in the Android Market as well. Angry Birds has been on the list of favorites  for iPhone users and on the envy list for Android users for long. Now, the tables have turned since the iPhone users had to pay and the Android users can have it all for free.

Rovio is currently facing down time. There site says “Oops! Due to the enormous traffic generated by the Android launch of Angry Birds, is down.” But you can always head down to from your phone or here from your computer to download the game. According to Rovio, they’ve made the game free because they wanted it to be “available for as many people as possible.” [Via Mashable]


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