App Store Connect will accept submissions from devs through holiday season

App Store Connect will not be shut down for the holidays this year. The platform’s review teams will continue working through the forthcoming holiday period. However, the reviewing process may take a bit longer than usual.

Apple Store Connect

Apple will not be shutting down App Store Connect for the holidays this year

Apple typically closes submissions for new apps and updates for a week during the holiday season. However, 2021 marked the first time that the tech giant kept the App Store Connect platform open through the holiday period. And it is continuing the trend this year.

As announced on the Apple Developer website today, the tech giant says that developers will be able to submit apps and updates throughout the holiday season. 

The busiest season on the App Store is almost here! Make sure your apps and product pages are up to date and ready in advance of the upcoming holidays. We’re pleased to remain open throughout the season again this year and look forward to accepting your submissions.

The announcement goes on to note that 90% of submissions are typically reviewed in less than 24 hours. However, reviews may take more time to complete from December 23 to 27.

In the same post, the tech giant also shared three tips to help developers avoid review issues.

Our three submission tips are: test thoroughly so that your app is ready for your customers, tell us more about the unique experience your app provides, and provide access, setting us up to do a complete review.

App Store Connect is an important platform for developers as it allows them to conveniently upload, submit, and manage their apps on the App Store on the iPhone, iPad, and web. The platform also enables developers to quickly check their app analytics, and sales reports, allows them to invite users to test the app with TestFight, and more.

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