Check out how the iPhone 14 Pro Max looks with a curved display

The iPhone 14 Pro Max features a flat-sided design with squared-off edges. While the design of its display is undoubtedly a fan-favorite, have you ever wondered what the iPhone 14 Pro Max would look like if it had a curved display instead? A hardware technician recently modded the device, giving us a real-world look at the vision.

iPhone 14 Pro Max curved edges

Technician mods iPhone 14 Pro Max, adds display with curved edges similar to a Samsung Galaxy device

With the launch of the iPhone 12 lineup in 2020, Apple traded its rounded edges for a boxy flat-edged design, making the iPhone 11 the last lineup to feature rounded sides.

A Twitter user who goes by @lipilipsi recently shared a modified iPhone 14 Pro Max that features a display that is curved from the sides – similar to Samsung Galaxy devices. The modification requires the swapping of the iPhone’s stainless steel frame as well as the addition of a new display. However, the internal components of the device – which are essential for the iPhone experience – remain the same. Checked out the images of the mod below:


The curved screen looks similar to the displays of some Samsung Galaxy smartphones. While the design itself is pleasing to look at, there are some cons that come with curved displays. Not only are such displays more expensive to repair but applying screen protectors on a curved display can be tricky. In addition, they don’t add additional screen real estate, making them largely impractical.

The technician who worked on this mod has also successfully completed some ambitious projects in the past such as adding a USB-C port to the iPhone 13, adding a transparent back to an iPhone, and more.

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