Apple seeds AirPods Pro firmware beta 2 with Conversation Boost feature

Apple has released the second beta firmware for AirPods Pro with the Conversation Boost feature. For the first time this year, the company allowed users to download beta firmware on AirPods to try out the new features on the earphones before their official release.

Last month, the first AirPods Pro beta firmware was introduced via Apple Developer Program which included FaceTime Spatial Audio and Ambient Noise Reduction.

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Test iOS 15 ‘Conversation Boost’ on AirPods Pro firmware beta 2 ahead of its release in Fall

Announced at WWDC 21, Conversation Boost is designed particularly for users with mild hearing impairment and this feature will amplify the audio for them to stay connected in the conversations. “Computational audio and beamforming microphones of AirPods will focus on the person in front of the user so that they can hear better and follow along with the face-to-face conversation.”

A Reddit user @JasonR02 expressed his excitement for the feature. Deaf in one ear, he shared that it was difficult to follow conversations in noisy environments. He said, if the AirPods Pro new Conversation Boost feature works as showcased, he was going to order a pair.

Hello everyone, I’m really curious if anyone has the AirPod Pros and have tried Conversation Boost on iOS 15. I’m deaf in one ear and one of the hardest things for me is when I’m in a noisy restaurant or dinner table and trying to have a conversation with the person across from me. Whatever is loudest(background or foreground) wins out and it’s usually the background noise.

When I saw the keynote talk about Conversation Boost, it got me excited. I really can’t imagine what it would be like to be in a noisy setting and actually be able to hear and carry a conversation easily with someone. I don’t have AirPod Pros, but if this feature really does work as advertised, I want to order some. Thanks for any feedback here about it.

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Here is our comprehensive guide on how to install AirPods Pro firmware beta. It must be noted that installing beta versions is risky and a bug can brick the earphones. Therefore, we do not recommend it.

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