In partnership with Apple and AT&T, Delta is upgrading its fleet of devices to iPhone 12

American airline Delta has partnered with Apple and AT&T to upgrade its fleet of devices. The commercial airline is providing its flight attendants with iPhone 12 models to elevate the customer experience by paving the way for 5G technology in the industry, “Enhanced flight attendant technology and connectivity paves way for new traveler-centric capabilities”.

The entire iPhone 12 series supports 5G technology which is the next-generation mobile wireless network to connect new industries. Designed for enhanced performance and efficiency, the 5G network delivers higher multi-Gbps for faster downloads, ultra-low latency, and is more reliable than its predecessor 4G network. Therefore, Delta is leading the transition to new network technology by equipping more than 19,000 flight attendants with iPhone 12.

Delta and Apple partnership - iPhone 12

Delta Airlines upgrades its flight attendants devices to iPhone 12 to adopt 5G network and AR technology

In the announcement post, Delta explained that the COVID-19 pandemic has had a profoundly altered travel behavior and the industry. The company hopes to adapt to change efficiently with the help of new technology from Apple and AT&T. Therefore, the iPhone 12 is the apt device to facilitate that process.

The powerful capabilities in performance, durability and connectivity on iPhone 12 combined with the high-speed, low-latency connectivity of the AT&T 5G network opens entirely new possibilities on the ground and in the air.

Flight attendants can also feel confident knowing that AT&T was recently named the fastest network for iPhones according to Speedtest® by Ookla.The iPhone 12 can also access AT&T’s fast, reliable and highly secure 5G network, reducing the need to connect to public Wi-Fi hotspots in between flights. AT&T’s 5G network reaches over 230M Americans in more than 14,000 cities and towns. The iPhone 12 is also capable of tapping into the AT&T 5G+ network, which is available in parts of 38 cities in the U.S.

iPhone 12 5G

In addition, Delta also wants to use the AR capability of iPhone 12 Pro models to transform air travel and passenger experience by using LiDAR scanner to accurately and quickly assess in-cabin inventory and to provide flight attendants with immersive training to better perform critical tasks like safety checks, passenger assistance, and others.

These new capabilities are not only possible, but are on the horizon, and Delta will continue work with AT&T and Apple to develop new use cases and applications that will help Delta continue to set new standards for service.

In 2019, Apple partnered with British Airways to upgrade or switch its 15,000 cabin crew to iPhone XR for improved customer service.

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