Netflix launches shuffle feature ‘Play Something’ to help you with midnight indecisiveness

Netflix has rolled out its shuffle play feature called ‘Play Something’ that is aimed at helping cure users of their decision fatigue. The selection of this shuffle feature is not completely random, Netflix’s algorithm chooses something it thinks a user would like based on series and movies they have previously watched.

The company had been testing the shuffle feature since last year, many users may already be familiar with the button already In the fourth quarter of 2020, the company said that it received a positive customer response to Play Something.

Netflix Play Something feature rolled out

Netflix rolls out shuffle play feature, Play Something

Users who click the Play Something button – a shuffle icon in the menu – will be shown a series or movie that was picked based on the Netflix algorithm. If the content they are shown does not seem intriguing, users can click Play Something Else and reshuffle the list to get a new recommended movie, unfinished show, or film on their watch list.

There are times when we just don’t want to make decisions. A Friday evening after a long work week. A fridge full of food but nothing jumps out. A family movie night where no one can agree. We’ve all been there.

Sometimes you just want to open Netflix and dive right into a new story. That’s why we’ve created Play Something, an exciting new way to kick back and watch.

Deciding which movie or series can be hard – especially when you are offered many options. The amount of content on streaming services increases every day. Users spend minutes scrolling before landing on something to watch, or they give up and turn off their device. Play Something was created by Netflix keeping this exact thing in mind, to help with the indecisiveness.

Users can find Play Something in various ways on TV:

  • The navigation menu on the left side of the screen.
  • Underneath the user’s profile name.
  • The tenth row on the Netflix homepage.

What are your thoughts about this new feature? Have you tried it already? if so then let us know your reviews in the comments below!

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