Netflix announces partial downloading for Android users, coming to iOS soon

Back in 2016, Netflix introduced offline download so that users would be able to watch titles without being connected to Wi-Fi. Now, the streaming giant is building upon that feature with partial downloading which allows users to watch shows and movies even if they have not completed downloading. Currently, the feature is restricted to Android.


Android users can now partially download Netflix titles on the go

Starting today, Android users on mobile and tablets (versions 7.64 and higher) will be able to view Netflix shows and movies even if they are not finished downloading. Previously, users would need to wait for a title to be completely finished downloading before it could be viewed. This is especially helpful for users who have unreliable wifi or a maxed-out data plan. From the company’s announcement:

Whether it’s a long flight or an extended commute, downloaded series and movies can make any moment on the go more entertaining. So we know the disappointment when you realize your download never completed because of unreliable wifi or a maxed out data plan.

That’s why we’ve improved the Netflix download experience so you can now start watching The Mitchells vs The Machines or the next episode of Luis Miguel – The Series even if it hasn’t completed downloading. Once you’ve regained a strong enough connection, you can choose to finish the download and keep watching — avoiding those surprise notices that you’ve gone over your data limits.

Users can access the partial-download setting from the Downloads menu on their device or from their Continue Watching menu. Currently, partial downloading will be limited to Android, but the streaming giant said it “will be testing on iOS in the coming months.” In addition to this, Netflix said that the Download For You feature which auto-downloads recommended titles for Android users based on their previously watch history would be getting tested on iOS “soon.”

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