Netflix launches new ‘Downloads For You’ app feature to automatically download content as per user taste

Popular video streaming service, Netflix has launched a new ‘Downloads For You’ feature on its iOS and Android apps, worldwide. Based on the subscribers’ watched content, the new feature will intelligently and automatically download recommended shows and movies on their smartphones.

The service already offers a Smart Downloads feature which allows subscribers to download multiple episodes of a show or movie over WiFi to enjoy them during traveling, the feature also a great way to save on cellular data on the go. Now, Netflix has taken the

Three years ago, we introduced Smart Downloads so you can find the next episode of your favorite show – even when you’re on the go. Now, we want to make discovering your next new favorite series or film quick and easy whether you’re connected or not.

We’re always looking for ways to improve the mobile experience, and we’re excited to make it even easier for members to discover and enjoy new series and films. Whether you’re a comedy fan stuck on a long car ride or a rom com lover without internet, we do the work so there is always something new waiting to entertain and delight you.


Explore new content on Netflix with the new Downloads For You mobile feature

Although designed to easily suggest new content to subscribers by automatically downloading it on their devices, Downloads For You allows users to control how much content is download on their smartphone. The announcement post explains:

You’re always in control of how much is downloaded to your device. It takes two simple steps to opt in:

  1. Go to the Downloads tab on your mobile device and toggle on Downloads For You.
  2. Choose the amount of content you want downloaded to your device (1GB, 3GB, or 5GB) and click Turn On. The more space you allow, the more recommendations Netflix will download for you.


As per JustWatch’s recent study, Netflix is leading the video streaming service in the United States by capturing a 33% market share. Having said that, the service does have some tough competition in the industry by Disney, Amazon, and maybe in the future, Apple TV+. Therefore, it is a smart move to introduce new features like Downloads For You to fit in new content in the subscribers’ palms. It is also discovered that the service would launch a new Shuffle Play feature on service by 2021.

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