Apple manually boosted the ranking of its Files app ahead of Dropbox for nearly 11 months

Apple has reportedly admitted that it manually boosted the ranking of its native Files app when users searched for its competitor Dropbox for nearly 11 months. An email chain that was brought forth during the Epic Games vs Apple trial confirms this.

Apple Files app

Apple says metadata error cause for its own Files app ranking above competitor  Dropbox

Emails that surface as part of the Epic Games vs Apple trial reveal an email Epic Games CEO Tim Sweeney sent to Apple highlighting the fact that he was met with an advert bought by Google and Apple’s own Files app ahead of Dropbox when he searched for the third-party app. “We are removing the manual boost and the search results should be more relevant now,” wrote Apple app search lead Debankur Naskar in response to Sweeney.

Apple vice president of App Store Matt Fischer responded by stating “who green lit putting the Files app above Dropbox in organic search results? I didn’t know we did that, and I don’t think we should.” In response to this, an Apple employee said “the files app was manually boosted on the top for the search query ‘Dropbox’ during last WWDC.”

Fischer goes on to state “I wasn’t aware that we were boosting the Files app and would like to know how that happened and who requested it. In the future, I want any similar requests to come to me for review/approval.”

Apple Files app

In a statement to The Verge, the Cupertino tech giant claimed a metadata error was to blame for the issue. The Files app had a Dropbox integration, so the tech giant put “Dropbox” into the app’s metadata, and it was automatically ranked higher for “Dropbox” searches as a result.

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