Apple puts spotlight on 4 female developers as an inspiration for others to pursue career in tech

To inspire women to seek a career in technology, Apple has shared a new article that shines a spotlight on four unique apps and games created by female developers to “drive culture and create change”.

Women behind Rebel Girls, Dinosaur Polo Club and Wisdom share their experiences as entrepreneurs to emphasize the importance of technology in reaching a larger group of people, especially women, and empowering them. 

Apple female developer

Here are stories of Apple apps and games created by women for women to inspire women

CEO of Rebel Girls, Jes Wolfe explained that her global media brand was created to empower girls to dream big through inspirational and motivational stories of pioneering women. The Rebel Girls app on iOS offers books and podcasts for women, especially young girls, to find role models they can associate with gain confidence. She said:

We see a confidence gap between genders starting at age 6. That’s when girls start to think they are less smart and less capable than boys, according to a study published by Science. The study says career aspirations are shaped by gender stereotypes. Additionally, between the ages of 8 and 14, girls’ confidence falls by 30 percent. We want every girl to open the Rebel Girls app — or any of our books — and find dozens of stories of role models that she can see herself in.

Apple female developer

Creators of Dinosaur Polo Club, Niamh Fitzgerald and Chantelle Cole have developed encouraging problem-solving games like Apple Arcade hit Mini Motorways to invoke creativity in users. They credit their company’s success to its workplace culture based on inclusivity and gender equality. CFO Fitzgerald said: 

Many women face issues such as pay and gender equality, barriers to leadership, and inflexible work hours. But we believe that creating a work environment that is inclusive and supportive for everyone — regardless of their gender or sexuality — is fundamental to creating a sustainable and thriving business. Advocating for diversity and inclusion is at the heart of everything we do, but we hope that one day we’ll reach a point where this is commonplace in every business.

Apple female developer

Founder of Wisdom, Dayo Akinrinade decided to create a space that prioritized and amplified women’s voices after she felt “underrepresented and underestimated” as a woman the in the computer science world. Her audio-first social discovery app, Wisdom, is designed for a diverse digital community that connects like-minded users to have deeper conversation on their careers, fitness, and other topics of interest. She explained:

My aim for Wisdom is to replace the inequity of closed networks with an open, diverse community of experts and helpful people. Wisdom offers women a safe space to converse about topics that matter to them, such as women’s rights, domestic violence, leadership, and wellness. Our users who don’t identify as women consider themselves allies, and provide support by participating in the conversations or simply listening.

Apple female developer

Now as successful female developers, they all believe that women technologists can thrive in the tech field because it offers a variety of diverse leadership roles. More women participation in tech world will not only lead to creation of impactful products but also ensuring gender diversity and inclusion.

Such pieces are very important for women who are on the fence about a career in technology. Female developers and founders like Wolfe, Fitzgerald, Cole, and Akinrinade are great role models for next-generation of women technologists, young girls and women alike, to give them the confidence to create innovative solutions for the problems or challenges they face in everyday life.

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