Apple CEO Tim Cook speaks up against racism is an open letter

Apple CEO Tim Cook addressed George Floyd’s death and the current political climate in America that followed this incident, in an open letter titled “Speaking up on racism” posted on the Apple website. Currently, his letter is featured on the homepage of Apple’s website and you can read it here.

Apple CEO Tim Cook’s response to the death of George Floyd

In his letter Cook calls the death of George Floyd, who died in police custody, a “senseless killing” and he talks extensively about the impact of racism on the community and the struggles Black people have to go to every day.

“I have heard from so many that you feel afraid — afraid in your communities, afraid in your daily lives, and, most cruelly of all, afraid in your own skin. We can have no society worth celebrating unless we can guarantee freedom from fear for every person who gives this country their love, labor, and life.”

This letter followed a memo sent to all Apple employees by Tim Cook in which he talked about his support for the movement and talked about the injustice currently taking place in America. Apple will also be matching all employee donations two-for-one during the month of June.


In addition to this, Cook mentions all the initiatives that Apple is working on to help the community. He talks about bringing Apple’s technology to underfunded schools, Battling climate change and fighting against racism and injustice. They are doing so by donating to organizations like the Equal Justice initiative which are fighting against racial injustice.

“But we must do more. We commit to continuing our work to bring critical resources and technology to underserved school systems. We commit to continuing to fight the forces of environmental injustice — like climate change — which disproportionately harm Black communities and other communities of color. We commit to looking inward and pushing progress forward on inclusion and diversity, so that every great idea can be heard. And we’re donating to organizations including the Equal Justice Initiative, which challenge racial injustice and mass incarceration.”

Tim Cook is just one of the many CEOs speaking up about racism and injustice. Major streaming platforms and other social media platforms are also speaking out in solidarity with the Black Lives Matter movement.


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