Closed Apple Stores become Black Lives Matter protestors’ canvas

Several barricaded Apple stores in various cities of the United States have become a canvas of hope for Black Lives Matter protesters. A few days ago, Apple closed its retail outlets across the country, once again, to prevent property damages and for the safety of staff due to looting and vandalism incidents during the Black Live Matter protests.

Now, those Apple stores barricades are being used to spread the message of equality by good samaritans in various cities. The peaceful protesters are reclaiming their space by leaving colorful messages on the closed doors and creating heart-touching murals in remembrance of the innocent man who was taken away in the most horrific way.

On May 25, a 46 years old African American man, George Floyd was viciously manhandled during an arrested by four Minneapolis police officers for an alleged forged check. Later he was pronounced dead in police custody. Since the video of his brutal arrest went viral, thousands of Americans took to streets to protest Floyd’s brutal murder, raise their voices against police brutality, and systemic injustice for men and women of color in the United States.

Apple Stores Vandalized

Unfortunately, miscreants and opportunities used the protests for human rights as a chance to steal inventory and cause damage to Apple stores in Minneapolis, Philadelphia, Brooklyn, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Washington D.C, Charleston and Salt Lake City.

The Cupertino giant is standing on the right side of the debate, even after experiencing thousands of dollars worth of loss. Apple Music observed Black Out Tuesday on June 2 in solidarity with the Black Lives Matter movement and to acknowledge the contributions of Black creators and artists. The Music team has also compiled dedicated playlists in support of the cause and a very thoughtful 8 minutes 46 seconds track of silence symbolic of the duration George Floyd was suffocated for by a racist cop.

Racism is an unfortunate reality of today’s world which has claimed numerous innocent lives. The message of the cause is so strong that people from around the world assembled to show their solidarity with Black Lives Matter movement in the United States.

For now, Apple stores in most of the States are closed for an undisclosed time period.

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