Apple faces new class action lawsuit over defective screens of M1 MacBook models

Apple is hit with another class-action lawsuit which accuses the company of intentionally selling low-quality defective M1 MacBook models. A U.S. law firm Migliaccio & Rathod LLP carried an investigation and now has filed a lawsuit after several owners of M1 MacBook Air and Pro models reported that the screens of their devices cracked during normal usage.

Apple - M1-MacBook-Air-vs-M1-MacBook-Pro

In July, this issue was raised on the Apple Community page and Reddit, where owners from the U.S and UK reported that the screen of their new M1 MacBook Air and M1 MacBook Pro cracked and the company’s customer service blamed them for the damage. The company’s rep said that cracks were caused by debris stuck in the keyboard or because of forceful closure of the screen. To make a bad situation worse, Apple charged each user a different repair cost from $430 to $700.

Apple is accused of using “deceptive marketing” to sell defective products

As per the filing, the Cupertino tech giant is accused of falsely advertising the M1 MacBook models (2020) as “premium [in] quality, reliability, and durability.” It is argued that each product goes through extensive testing before release to identify and resolve issues. Therefore, Apple knowingly sold defective laptops.

Despite this knowledge, [Apple] failed to disclose and actively concealed the Screen Defect from…the public, and continued to market and advertise the [laptops] as state-of-the-art premium and durable laptops when in fact normal operation…often results in catastrophic damage, rendering the devices unusable.

Apple - M1 MacBook

Furthermore, Apple is accused of violating consumer laws of California by denying free repair for the damaged screen of the M1 MacBook models under warranty. And states, the company has entangled users in a never-ending loop to get faulty displays repaired out of pocket.

As a result of Apple’s misconduct, [customers] were harmed and suffered actual damages, including that the Class Laptops contain defective screens, have manifested and continue to manifest the Screen Defect, and that Apple has not provided a remedy for the Screen Defect. [Customers] have also incurred, and will continue to incur, out-of-pocket unreimbursed costs and expenses related to the Screen Defect.

The lawsuit seeks that the tech giant reverses its “false marketing” of the quality and reliability of its MacBook displays and that it “correct, repair, replace or otherwise rectify [its] unlawful, unfair, false and/or deceptive practices.” A precise amount of damages will be determined during the jury trial. Click here to read the complete filing.

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