Screens of some M1 MacBook Air and Pro models are cracking and Apple is blaming the owners

The latest 13-inch M1 MacBook Air and 13-inch M1 MacBook Pro are facing a ‘screen cracks’ issue. Several owners have reported that the screen of the M1 MacBook model cracked during normal usage. Both laptops have an LED Retina display.

Apple’s inconsistent customer service charges some customers for M1 MacBook’s cracked screens

As per the discussions on Apple Support Communities and Reddit, in the last three months, more than 30 customers have reported that same issue. Customers are furious with Apple’s lack of response to complaints, blaming the customers for damage and not adding fragility warning for the screen.

Even though the cracks appear to be a manufacturing issue rather than caused by mishandling like forceful closure of the screen or dropping the device, most customers are being charged for the replacement units or screen repair. While a few owners are getting the replacement for free. An owner wrote on Apple Support Community page that;

I have just experienced the same thing. On July 28th I closed my laptop to take the dog outside. I came back in and opened up the laptop and there was a crack. It was very confusing as I could not understand how this would have happened. Took the Mac to the apple store and was told right off the bat “I will tell you what you did here” and it was explained how I must have closed the lid on something.

When I said that did not happen they said I must have pushed down on it or held it wrong. I have not abused or dropped this laptop. It should not be be so fragile that it can break and you have no idea why. I did a lot of research before buying this laptop and wish I had considered the fragility of this model. If you cannot afford to replace a $700 screen choose a different laptop or get the apple care because my screen broke through normal usage with no traumatic intendent.

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The issue appeared for some as early as 8 months ago. @UnableGrape shared on Reddit that his screen cracked but he was able to get a free replacement because consumer laws are different in his country, UK. Maybe that explains why customers in the U.S. are charged for repair/replacement.

Haven’t dropped it or put any pressure on it, simply sitting on my desk and opened and the screen is black with lines on it, how could this have happened I literally bought it a week ago. – Issue 

I pressed onto apple support and after 4-5 attempts I got a free replacement and it arrived yesterday, they are quite understanding if you play your cards right. I’m also in the UK and laws are different than other countries so it may be fully on you if your not from here. – Solution 

Consist with Apple’s customer reps line of questioning, one Reddit user @lilacporch speculates that it’s a design flaw in which tiny particles get stuck in the hinges and cause cracks on closing the screen.

New MacBookAir (M1) repair issue. If you have bought one of the 2020 MacbookAirs and look closely you will see that there is no frame around the screen. As it turns out, even the narrow bar at the bottom that says MacBook Air is part of the screen. Tiny bits of stuff can get caught in the hinge crack and damage the screen.

That has happened to me on a one month old computer and Apple is insisting I have to pay 428 to get it fixed. It is a serious design flaw so be cautious with your computers. I never saw anything in the crack but it got damaged anyway! And unlike the poster below, Apple is refusing to replace mine.

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