Apple Director of User Privacy insists all users are protected by Apple’s “great privacy” designs

Erik Neuenschwander, Apple Director of User Privacy discussed the company’s privacy policy and features at the 15th annual Computer, Privacy, and Data Protection 2022 conference in Brussels. He insisted that Apple’s designs provide “great privacy” to all users including on-device processing, session processing, and keeping users’ data private.

In comparison to Google, Apple collects very little user data to protect users’ privacy because it holds privacy as a “basic human right”. Recently, the company introduced App Tracking Transparency (ATT) on iOS to give users control of their data, Mail Protection Privacy, and other features to protect users from invasive tracking through third-party apps.

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iOS ATT feature is one of Apple’s ways to ensure users’ privacy

Speaking at the conference’s session titled “Global Governance of Privacy: Beyond Regulation” organized by Apple and moderated by the company’s chief privacy officer Jane Horvath, Neuenschwander quoted the ATT feature as a mechanism to restrict data brokers like developers and digital advertisers from creating users’ profiles through their trackable data.

During the talk, he spoke about the multiple ways that Apple ensures it designs for “great privacy” for its users, according to Pat Walsche on Twitter. This included talking about session processing, as well as on-device processing, as ways to keep the user’s data as private as possible.

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Other privacy advocates on the panel were Alexander Hanff, European Data Protection Supervisor Anna Buchta, Konstantin Bottinger of Fraunhofer AISEC, and Lorenzo Dalla Corte of Tilburg University in the Netherlands.

Earlier, CPO Jane Horvath gave an interview to on Apple’s privacy policy across devices. She explained that over the years, laws concerning users’ privacy have gotten stricter and the EU is leading in respect to the matter. Therefore, the tech giant complies with the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) to all its users across the globe, not just in Europe.

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