Apple expands iPhone 14 shipments to 95 million units for September launch in a globally receding market

Economic Daily reports that Apple has increased the iPhone 14 shipments by 5% to 95 million units for its launch in September. The news comes at a time when the global smartphone market is facing a decline in demand.

iPhone 14 Pro

Macroeconomic conditions like inflation and concerns of a looming recession have tightened consumers’ pockets. And supply constraints caused by COVID-19 lockdowns and chip shortages continue to adversely impact OEMs.

Multiple surveys of the global smartphone market reveal that European and Chinese smartphone markets receded in Q2, 2022; the European market saw a year-over-year decline of 11% and a 13% quarter-over-quarter decline and the Chinese market saw a 9% Y-o-Y decline.

However, Apple’s iPhone sales have continued to flourish. In Q2, 2022, iPhone shipments grew by 3% Year-on-Year in Europe and China. For Q3, 2022, Apple reported a $40.7 billion revenue record for iPhone in developed and emerging markets.

Apple expects to sell the iPhone 14 Pro Max premium model the most

In Q3, 2022 earnings calls, Apple CEO Tim Cook accredited iPhone 13’s success to the innovative technologies it offers to consumers. And it appears that the company is confident that the next-generation iPhone 14 series will continue to be popular like the current flagship series.

iPhone 14 Pro

The report states that Apple suppliers have increased the shipments of components for the new iPhone 14 like TSMC, Foxconn (aka Hon Hai), Largan, and others.

The smartphone market is sluggish, and the supply chain is rumored. Apple is bucking the trend and has recently expanded the initial total stock of new iPhone 14 series.

Accounted for, TSMC (2330) , Hon Hai, Largan, Zhen Ding-KY, Huatong and other Apple supply chain shipments increased along with the trend, and the peak season operation was supplemented.

Initially, the tech giant had ordered 90 million units, but it has increased the shipment by 5% to a total stock of 95 million units for the September launch.

After discontinuing the 5.4-inch iPhone mini model, Apple will launch four large display iPhone 14 models: 6.1-inch iPhone 14 and 14 Pro and 6.7-inch iPhone 14 Max and Pro Max.

The tech giant expects the highest-end model to have the most demand. “The latest report from the research institute Isaiah Research predicts that among the new phones, the highest-end iPhone 14 Pro Max will have the most stock in stock.”  Historically, iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro models had the highest demand, especially the 6.7-inch Pro Max models.

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