Apple has updated FaceTime call resolution to 1080p for iPhone 8 and later models

Apple has updated FaceTime to support full 1080p HD video calling, as per the latest iOS 14.2 update. The update is expected to arrive on iPhone 8 and later models which currently support HD 720p resolution for FaceTime video calls.

The full HD calling will be available via a WiFi connection and will be limited to HD 720p on 4G on all iPhones. However, the new iPhone 12 line-up has an advantage because it has 5G which can be used to make 1080p calls.


Apple updated FaceTime call resolution to 1080p for iPhone 8 and new models

The newly updated resolution will be arriving with the iOS 14.2 update. The feature was first spotted by MacMagazine, who was the first to note that the tech giant did not mention anything in the release notes about the bump in resolution for FaceTime calls. They later made the discovery that Apple has updated its specs pages that specify the resolution 1080p in brackets for FaceTime over WiFi for devices like iPhone XR. The specs pages did not include video calls via FaceTime HD 1080p until 4th November, however, it started to appear after 9th November.


The surprising take in this is that iPhone 8 is a part of this upgrade. iPhone 8 and 8 Plus were released in 2017 with full support for full HD video via the front camera, but Apple placed restrictions for FaceTime calls to 720p resolution until now.

If someone has used FaceTime, then they know that the app is very consistent with its call quality, which has further improved because of better front cameras, faster internet, and powerful chipsets. Having said that, this year has changed the way people look at video calling, and Apple is certainly making progress with FaceTime which does not come as a surprise.

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