2021 iPhone may feature Samsung’s periscope lens – Rumor

A new report claims that Apple is working on a 10x optical zoom module for its next-generation smartphone’s camera system. The report was brought forth by Digitimes and states that Apple will use periscope lenses on 2021 iPhone models. In addition, it is also speculated that the periscope lens will most likely be sourced from Samsung. 

2021 iPhone will have a periscope lens 

It seems though that rather than building this component by itself, Apple would be partnering with companies from South Korea. DigiTimes speculates that Apple could very well make a deal with Samsung to manufacture the periscope lens which will allow for 10x optical zoom in iPhone 13 in 2021.

iPhone 12 Pro Max - periscope

Apple wants to further improve its phone’s camera system, and the way to do that is by increasing its zooming abilities. Apple likes to take a measured approach when it comes to building its own products. The company often lets technologies mature before putting them into its devices, rather than putting unproven bleeding-edge tech in its new iPhones. This could be the reason why people do not see under-screen fingerprint scanners, pop-up selfie cameras, or foldable phones.

There can be two reasons behind this decision. Firstly, Apple likes to include fully tried-and-tested technologies that will actually be used by its customers, while making its devices reliable. Secondly, it allows Apple to create a long-term plan, spreading out new features across upcoming devices. This in turn helps every new iPhone to have unique selling points over its predecessors.

iPhone 12 Pro- LiDAR

Apple’s decision to include a periscope lens in its upcoming phones would give many iPhone users a strong reason to upgrade, because it is a commonly used camera technology now and already available in many flagships, like Huawei’s P range of phones.

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