Apple Fitness+ launches new weekly series and ‘Studio Series Playlists’ on Apple Music

Apple Fitness+ has added new “goal-setting workouts” to the service as part of a weekly series that is meant to keep subscribers motivated in order to complete their fitness goals.

Additionally, Apple has also created a dedicated Fitness+ section in Apple Music to advertise the songs it features in its fitness workouts. The playlists, called “Studio Series Playlists,” are curated by Apple Music editors and the trainers from Fitness+.

Apple Fitness+ trainers

Apple Fitness+ launches new weekly series and ‘Studio Series Playlists’ on Apple Music

Now, when users open the main Fitness+ page in the Fitness app, they are greeted by a new video where trainer Kim lists all the new features in the fitness service this week. In addition to this, trainer Kim also tells users about a new Ring in the New Year Limited Edition Activity Challenge that can be found on their Apple Watch.

“Happy New Year! It’s Kim, and this is a new series to keep you on top of your Fitness+ workouts this week and keep you motivated. Make sure you check back every Monday for a new video. Whether you’re just getting started with absolute beginner workouts or you’ve been into fitness for a while, everyone is welcome.

Let’s start 2021 strong with an activity streak. To keep you in check, there’s a Ring in the New Year Limited Edition award on your Apple Watch.”

Apple fitness+

With the latest update, Apple has added 24 new workouts covering all categories, which include yoga, strength, core, treadmill, rowing, HIIT, mindful cooldown, and more to the fitness service.

One of the cool features of Fitness+ is the deep integration with Apple Music. If you subscribe to Apple Music, check out the new Fitness+ playlists that Apple has started promoting in the Music app.Apple Fitness+

‌Apple’s Music’s search page now has a new category in the Browse tab titled ‘Fitness’. The category contains a ton of playlists that make perfect companions to tough workouts. The category also includes a section called “Apple Fitness+ Studio Series,” which offers playlists in different styles of music to fit a corresponding type of exercise.

Apple Fitness+ is available for $9.99 per month or $79.99 per year with a one-month free trial for existing and three months free trial for new Apple Watch owners. Users can share their subscription with up to 6 family members. Apple One premier plan subscribers will get Fitness+ for $29.95 per month, along with other services included in the bundle.

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