Apple shows Find My makes it difficult to swipe MacBook for “easy money” in a new ad

As part of its “The Underdogs” ad series, Apple has released a new video that promotes the capabilities of Find My in its signature chaotically humorous way, along with Remote Lock, Erase, Ping, Apple Pay, Fitness, and other services.

As a safety and security tool, Apple offers support for Find My across its devices for users to locate them when they are lost or stolen. When enabled, users can track their devices in real-time through Apple Maps and the new ad flaunts that functionality.

Find My MacBook ad

Apple flaunts Find My and other security features in the new “The Underdogs: Swiped Mac” ad

The fabulously haphazard team of the “The Underdogs“, which always handles all of the remote work-related curve balls efficiently, is back with another challenge. This time they are tracking a stolen MacBook Air which has their presentation before an important meeting in the new video posted on Apple’s official YouTube channel.

The MacBook Air’s retrieval journey started with Bridget locating her stolen MacBook on her iPhone via Find My and then taking a cab to reach the first pawn shop the thieves visited, then riding a bicycle to the second shop, and running to the third location. 

Find My MacBook ad

Luckily, Bridget had opted to share her location with her team members who were able to track her location through Find My and give her a car ride to the fourth and last location where they finally caught up to the thieves and recovered the laptop.

The new ad also promotes other security features for incidents of theft, looking to make easy money:

  • The thieves had to jump from shop to shop to sell the laptop because it was protected with a password or passcode and they could not unlock the device to prove ownership, and the shopkeepers refused to buy a stolen MacBook because of Apple’s solid security features. 
  • Remotely lock a stolen device through the Find My app.
  • Remotely erase a stolen device so thieves can’t access the owner’s personal and confidential information.

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