New ‘the whole work from home thing’ video showcases Apple’s ecosystem

Apple’s diverse digital ecosystem is showcased in a new and entertaining video, titled ‘the whole work from home thing’. The familiar four members “underdog” design team of the box is back to redesign a new environmentally friendly and cost-efficient box with the help of tools and devices provided by the company to get the job done. However, this time around the task is a little difficult because it is being done virtually, at home.

Led by Bridget, the team uses iPhone, iPad, Mac, and Apple Watch to communicate, brainstorm, design, and present their product. The video also showcases the new normal routine of completing professional responsibilities from the comfort and at times chaotic life at home during the COVID-19 pandemic.


Apple’s diverse digital ecosystem

The new video, very impressively, shows the seamless integration of Apple’s hardware and software in our lives for daily and professional use. Here is a breakdown of how  Bridget’s team uses iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch and Mac in unified architecture:

  • Portability of all devices makes it easy to get the task done anywhere at any time.


  • FaceTime group calls and messages keep the team connected and carry on expressive communication with emojis, memojis, and effects.


  • The iWork apps, which include Keynote, Numbers, and Pages on all devices, enables them to take notes, make charts, create designs and presentations. In particular, the apps let them take advantage of the iPad’s Apple Pencil support.


  • The scanner in the Notes app eliminates the need of a physical scanner which inherently reduces electronic waste.
  • iPad Pro’s AR technology assisted in the designing process.


  • Siri not only sets reminders, but it also read bedtime stories to kids when the parent is too exhausted to do so.
  • Apple Watch displays reminders, text messages, calls, and helps in workouts.


All in all, the video showcases the praiseworthy high-speed performance and versatility of the tech giant’s digital ecosystem in a unified architecture with the message that works from home with Apple gets the job done efficiently.

The company releases new and creative videos on its YouTube channel to demonstrate the usefulness of its products in our daily lives.

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