Apple silences employees by forcing them to sign NDAs accuses former Apple engineer

Contrary to its statement to the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), Apple forced an aggrieved departing employee to sign a non-disclosure agreement (NDA). The evidence of NDA is provided by former Apple engineer and organizer of the #AppleToo movement, Cher Scarlet. 

In 2020, Scarlet came into the limelight when she raised concerns about the pay equity issue at the Cupertino tech giant. Later, with the help of serving and former Apple employees, she organized the #AppleToo movement to share stories of discrimination, and workplace abuse at the world’s leading tech company. Scarlet also filed complaints against the tech giant at NLRB and SEC. 

Earlier this month, her lawyer announced her departure from the company and request to take back her complaint at NLRB, after reaching a settlement. However, the terms of the settlement were not disclosed until now. Recalling the gag order she was forced to sign, Scarlett blew up her NDA agreement to bring the company’s lies in the spotlight. 


Apple forced former engineer and leader of the #AppleToo movement to sign an NDA to silence her about workplace harassment and discrimination

Scarlett recalled the statement included in her NDA which read, “After 18 months at Apple, I’ve decided it is time to move on and pursue other opportunities” and decided to file a complaint at SEC when the Cupertino tech giant said that it does not use clauses to in its NDA to silence employees leaving the company. 

This prompted Scarlett to file a complaint at SEC against the tech giant in which she accuses it of using “false statements or misleading statements”. Insider writes that;

Scarlett shared the NDA that Apple offered her with Nia Impact Capital, the activist investor seeking to force a shareholder vote around transparency on NDAs at the company. On Monday, Nia informed the SEC that it had “received information, confidentially provided, that Apple has sought to use concealment clauses in the context of discrimination, harassment, and other workplace labor violation claims.” 

The engineer claims that she wishes to hold “the biggest company in the world accountable” for its lies and she is willing to pay the financial price for it. 

“I knew the SEC filing was a lie … I wanted a way to be able to hold them accountable to that,” said Scarlett, adding that she does not expect to receive future scheduled payments as part of her settlement agreement with Apple now that she has broken its nondisclosure terms. “The money that would come in a year isn’t worth (Apple) not being held accountable now.” 

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