Apple has started processing refunds to iPhone 4 Bumper Customers

A week ago at the iPhone 4 press conference, Steve Jobs announced that Apple will give free bumpers to every iPhone 4 buyer and those who have already bought it, will get full refunds. It looks like Apple has started giving refunds to those who has already had bought bumpers from the online Apple store. Many customer have already received emails from Apple for a full and automatic refund.


This process may continue for some days and afterwards Apple will give free bumpers iPhone users who are suffering from the ‘death grip’ issues. The order pages to get free bumpers may go live in the coming days. But for now many bumper buyers will be getting their full $30 refund.

Many iPhone 4 bumper buyers mentioned on MacRumors forum that they have already gotten their bumper refund.

Funny, I sent back my orange bumper earlier this week because it was all hard plastic and different from the black ones where its rubbery… They just received my return this morning and refunded 100% of it — then tonight they refunded it again for the free bumper refund. Free $30.

But not all users wanted the $3o refund as they wanted another free bumper as per MacStories’ tweet.

free bumpers refund

[via MacRumors]

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