Apple locks out an author from her iCloud account due to her last name

Reportedly, Apple banned Rachel True’s iCloud account due to a coding error. Rachel True posted on her Twitter account that she has not been able to access her iCloud account for the past six months.

It seems like iCloud has locked Rachel out of her account because of her last name being True. The logs show that the last name of a user can not be set to True. She first reported this issue on February 27.


Rachel True gets ‘locked out’ of her iCloud due to a coding error involving her last name

The screenshot Rachel posted on her Twitter account seems to be a coding error. Fundamentally, the software has made an error due to confusion in String data type and Boolean value. For those who are not familiar with coding, String is a data type used in programming. String data type contains not just numbers, but also other characters like spaces and alphabets. It is also referred to as alphanumeric values.

The Boolean data type involved one of two possible values, denoted true or false, which is intended to represent the two truth values of logic. In the case of Rachel True, it seems as though the software is expecting her last name to be typed in as a String variable, but due to her last name being True, the software recognizes the variable as Boolean and considers the process false.

Rachel has also reported that she talked to Apple Support regarding the issue for several hours. Even still, the issue has not been resolved.

3+ hours on phone today w/customer service + the 2+ hours yesterday + the countless other times I spend 2+ hours on phone… make this my new part time unpaid job I’m publicly spouting on about how unhappy I am with Apple support regarding being locked out of my iCloud for over 6 months..
Because when/if it happens to you… You’re gonna remember this tweet

She also said that Apple keeps charging her for her iCloud storage even though she has not been able to access her account. Rachel also tweeted that Apple is trying its best to resolve the issue but it comes as a surprise that the company has not been able to solve this issue for the past six months.

Have you ever experienced this sort of problem? What are your thoughts about it? Let us know in the comments below.

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