Apple will soon release new Classroom and Schoolwork apps for distance-learning

Apple will soon launch new Schoolwork 2.0 and Classroom 2.0 apps for Macs and iPads, its popular education apps. As the pandemic continues to affect everyone around the globe, companies are developing tools to continue learning from home.

Apple is redesigning its apps to take better advantage of iPadOS’ capabilities, and adding features for teachers to quickly see progress and get in touch with students. Here’s all we know so far:

Apple’s Schoolwork 2.0

Schoolwork first launched back in July 2018. It is used by teachers to perform various activities right from within the app such as view student progress, assign activities, send class materials or handouts, and much more.

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Schoolwork 2.0 will be bringing newer features to the app like File Integration, improved speed, handout details view, communication integrations like FaceTime and iMessage, etc.

According to sources at CNET:

“Apple designed Schoolwork 2.0 to include features found in other ‌iPad‌ OS apps, like Files, and to speed up navigation around the software. There’s a new Handout library with a source list on the left side that makes it easier to navigate to different classes or the student’s library with drafts and favorites. On the right are cards with things like reminders for a field trip or a math assignment.”

Apple’s Classroom 2.0

The company is also looking to update its Classroom app for iPad which works as an assistant app for classrooms. It enables teachers to launch apps and websites on all devices in the classroom. It also allows them to share the student’s screen to the teacher’s iPad and Apple TV, or share documents back and forth.

The new updates will feature pinch-to-zoom functions, auto-sync for Apple School manager to the teacher’s Apple ID, and new temporary sessions for shared iPads.

Sources did not provide any launch dates for both updates but they are expected to arrive “soon” in the App Store. However, they are available in beta for early users and developers.

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