Apple ‘not surprised’ by high demand for its $19 Polishing Cloth – Report

Apple’s new Polishing Cloth accessory, launched soon after the “Unleashed” event on October 18, 2021, has been a massive hit with the consumers. So much so that the $19 cleaning cloth has been back-ordered to 2022 after shipping time was pushed into November. The New York Times recently published a story on the demand for Apple’s Polishing Cloth, quoting an anonymous Apple official saying that the tech giant is “not surprised” by the demand.

Apple accessory - polishing cloth

An anonymous source told the NYT that Apple is unsurprised by the strong demand for its Polishing Cloth

Made with soft and nonabrasive material, the Polishing Cloth retails for $19 and is suitable for cleaning all Apple displays, including nano-texture glass used in Pro Display XDR and iMac. Though the company has started selling the Polishing Cloth as a standalone accessory, it is not new. It was previously shipped with Apple’s Pro Display XDR.

If you try to buy the Polishing Cloth from the Apple Store Online today, the tech giant is quoting delivery estimates of 10-12 weeks. In addition, the accessory is “currently unavailable” at Apple’s retail stores suggesting in-store supply is also unavailable.

An anonymous Apple official told the New York Times that the company is “not surprised” by the high demand for the accessory which is “very effective” and designed to be “special.”

An Apple official said in an interview, based on the condition that The New York Times not quote or identify her, that the company was not surprised by the demand for the Polishing Cloth. The official said the cloth was very effective and had been designed to be special, including a custom light gray color. Apple said the cloth was made of a nonwoven microfiber but declined to elaborate.

Since Apple’s Polishing Cloth will not be available before 2022, consumers can opt for cheaper microfiber as an alternative in the meantime.

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