Apple Podcasts announced new follower metrics, Jump Start program and more for creators

For podcast creators, Apple Podcasts has announced new features like follower metrics to measure the success of their content, MP3 support for subscriber audio, and more. The new updates are specially designed for creators offering paid content on Apple Podcasts Subscriptions and channels so they can measure their audience and monetize their shows.

Apple Podcasts Subscriptions

Previously, the Apple Podcast Connect page did not show producers and creators the number of listeners, the duration listeners played an episode, and the performance of each episode. Without such data, podcasters did not get a clear picture of their performance. The company says that now a show’s followers will serve as an indicator of its success.

Here are all the new changes coming to the App Podcast Connect in April

Starting from next month, the following updates will be available to Apple Podcast creators. However, some features will exclusively are offered to members of the Apple Podcasters Program.

New ‘Follower Metrics’ on Apple Podcasts Connect

In the Analytics tab, creators will be able to view the following metrics:

  • Followers per show 
  • New follows in the last week, month, 60 days, and lifetime
  • Time Listened
  • In the Trends menu, the new graph of followers over time and the number of followers gained or lost on a particular day or range.

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Support for MP3 files for subscriber audio

Creators can upload MP3 files through Apple Podcasts Connect, along with high-quality WAV and FLAC files.

Create new customized subscription banners

Creators can now add promotional messages to their channels and shows, an effective marketing tool to let followers know about their exclusive deals at a glance.

For example, one show might offer and promote early access while another show in the channel might offer and promote archival access. 

Jump Start Program to seek guidance from the Apple Podcasts team

All creators enrolled with Apple Podcasters Program can now seek direct guidance from the Apple Podcasts team to jump-start their paid subscriptions. As per the announcement, the creator can submit a request for guidance in setting up a channel, best practices, and more.

Our global team can help podcasters create a channel, set up their show for a subscription, learn about subscription best practices, understand subscription reports, and more. Creators can also request support with transferring ownership of a podcast, creating an episode, and submitting a show.

To compete with Spotify, Apple Podcasts has been introducing new changes to enhance listeners’ and creators’ experience on the platform. In iOS 15.4, it added new filters to easily search for new and favorite content.

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