Apple Rumored to Launch Mac OSX Lion on Tuesday June 14th

Apple has publicly announced that they will be revealing Mac OSX Lion tomorrow at WWDC and we also know that they have been internally testing the OS for a few weeks now as well.

Now reports are trickling in from several sources stating that Apple will be launching Mac OSX Lion on Tuesday June 14th. The reports are stating that Apple is again planning an overnight shift for it’s employees to setup the new store front. One other fact about the June 14th release date is that Apple is said to be pulling software from it’s shelves and minimizing the amount of software in it’s retail stores. Which is a possibility they are pulling the old Snow Leopard Boxes from the shelves. Stock of Snow Leopard is also reported to be dwindling from stores and Apple is said to no longer be shipping Snow Leopard to retailers as well.
With WWDC tomorrow, we can expect to hear a release date in the morning. Stay tuned here for up to date news from tomorrows events.
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